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Three Leaves is a luxury hotel in the heart of Trimbakeshwar. The hotel’s story is as inspiring as the history of this famous religious destination in India

It all began, in the year 1996 when Shri Subhash Ganpat Mhatre, like millions of other devotees, visited Trimbakeshwar to seek blessings from Lord Shiva. He faced a severe difficulty in finding accommodation in the area and that was very troubling because the important rituals in Trimbakeshwar require devotees to reach the temple very early in the morning, therefore staying overnight in a distant city was not a convenient option.

Shri Subhash Ganpat Mhatre felt the plight of the tourists who too would be facing the same situation. This inspired him to make a resolution, that of building a hotel that will give tourists coming to Trimbakeshwar a comfortable place to stay and remain close to the holy temple.

The responsibility to fulfil this dream was taken over by his sons, who has proudly built a semi-luxurious accommodation facility that has been designed to cater to the needs of Indian as well as overseas visitors.

Experience Three Leaves… experience the comfort of superior hospitality. It will make your visit to Trimbakeshwar, unforgettable.


It’s only once in a while that people such as Shri Subhash Ganpat Mhatre are born. How many people, with a confirmed job in Godrej, would trust their instincts to quit the job and try earning a living by working as an Auto Rikshaw driver. He believed in his determination and today we know that he was right. It is said that hard work pays and it certainly did for Shri Subhash Ganpat Mhatre. Yet it was not just the efforts that should be credited for his success. He was a man with a vision and principles who knew that he would have to create his own tomorrow. He made sure that the money he earned through his 16 hour work-day was accumulated for a bigger purpose.

His first investment in real estate came in the year 1987 when he purchased land in the then uninhabited regions of Dahisar. His foresight proved right and not before long, the chawl he built at the location sold off with handsome returns. Since then there was no looking back. He built with quality, he worked with pace, in other words he delivered what he promised and progress started opening doors for him.

An ardent fan of Lord Shiva it was his dream to build 12 buildings, inspired by the famed ’12 JYOTIRLINGAS’ in India. During his lifetime he could successfully complete Amrapali, Somnath, Mallikarjun, Mahakaleswar & Omkareswar.

It is a matter of pride for me to take the baton forward and it gives me great pleasure to present to you Bhimashankar Heights, Dahisar the fourth luxurious residential complex in this series.