Before Booking

Can more than two adults stay in one room?

Yes (2+1)

Our children will be traveling with us – do they stay for free?

Below 6 Years (MINIMUM TWO)

What if I need a specific type of hotel room (non–smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)?

All rooms are non smoking, Wheelchair available for Handicapped persons

After Booking

How do I know if my booking was successful?

Mail Confirmation Or Ota (Portal Voucher Confirmation)

Do I need to confirm my booking?

Yes by mail

What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking?

Follow up or can send mail of official mail id

I didn’t get an email confirmation. What do I do?

Can talk to manager cell: 77220 96101 (sales)

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?

20 Minutes

What is my hotel’s check–in time?

Check In time : 12 noon

Will the hotel hold my room if I’m arriving late?

yes if confirmed

What if I’m going to arrive early?

Subject to availability after 7pm

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?

On mail after reconfirming the payment details in bank

Do I have to show ID proof at the time of check–in?

Yes , all guest id compulsary.

What does the price include?


Pay at Hotel

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

Yes , by nett banking

I am entering my credit card details, when will I pay?

Facility not available, but at hotel counter credit card

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

By mail or telephonic

Cancellations & Refunds


Cancellations & Refunds

How do I cancel my hotel booking?

As per policy by mail and telephonic conversation,(03 days prior to the confirmation booking date)

What are the cancellation charges?

72 hours before (ie 3 days prior to confirmed booking)

If I need to cancel my hotel booking, what’s the latest I can do this by?

72 hours before (ie 3 days prior to confirmed booking)

How will I get my money back after cancelling a hotel booking?I didn’t get an email confirmation. What do I do?

By nett banking by finance department after the mail confirmation by sales

How long does it take to process this refund?

One week atleast

How do I check the status of my refund once I have cancelled my booking?

On mail details

It’s been two weeks since I cancelled my booking but I still haven’t received my refund. Help!

Can talk to authorised person (manager)